Plaster Repairs - Drywall Repairs - Popcorn Ceiling Restorations
Most Ceiling Repairs Are Paint-Ready In Under 5 Hours
With over 30 years experience we can repair any damaged ceiling quickly using modern quick setting joint compounds. We repair all types of ceilings including textured ceilings, water damaged ceilings, moldy ceilings and older drywall or plaster ceilings that have cracks, humps or simply aren't smooth anymore.
The original damaged ceiling
Preparing for new drywall
Finishing the new drywall
The repaired ceiling with paint
Verifiable References Are Provided On Our First Visit
On our first visit we'll supply you with a minimum of 12 references with phone numbers so you can easily verify that we're capable of doing your wall and ceiling repairs properly.

There's No Wall Or Ceiling Problem We Haven't Seen Before
After 30 years no wall or ceiling damage you may have scares us because we've seen and dealt with every kind of drywall, sheet rock, plaster and paint problem imaginable.
Stuck On Wallpaper Removal Is One Of Our Specialties.
Do you have wallpaper installed in an area that just can't be removed? Does it peel off in pieces, tear up the drywall or simply refuse to scrape off? We can quickly restore your hard to remove wallpaper or vinyl covered walls to a paint-ready smooth finish. In most cases we can restore an average size bathroom or kitchen in 3 visits or less.

We Can Match Any Wall and Ceiling Texture.
With 30 years experience we have the skill set to match all types of wall and ceiling textures perfectly. We can match Crows Foot, Stipple and Brush textures including all varieties of Popcorn, Knock Down and Orange Peel machine sprayed textures plus most Skip Trowel designs and Santa Fe hand textures.
More about our texture patterns and designs.

Drywall/Sheetrock Repairs, Plaster Repairs And Interior Paint.
Unlike most "handymen" and many "We only paint" house painters in the Greenville area we won't simply cover your damaged wall or ceiling with a cheap hardware store patch then call it done. We'll rebuild the damaged area while insuring the framing and insulation are free from structural damage, water damage and mold to guarantee the final repair meets all building and fire safety codes.

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We Repair Damaged Popcorn Ceilings.
Most Popcorn ceiling damage can be 100% repaired with only one visit required. We're fast, clean and always on time.

We Remove Popcorn Ceiling Texture.
We'll restore your popcorn ceiling to a just like new smooth finish. We'll scrape the popcorn from the ceiling, repair any damage then bring it up to a Level 4 smooth finish or we can apply a wide variety of machine and hand textures.
More about popcorn ceiling restorations.
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Wall and Ceiling Repairs in Greenville SC and The Upstate
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Greenville SC Wall And Ceiling Repairs
Fully Licensed and Insured
We Repair All Types Of Interior Plaster.
If you home is over 60 years old there is a good chance that your walls and ceilings were constructed using plaster instead of drywall. We have years of experience with mud-back and sand back lathe and plaster construction including all plaster finishes applied over cement plaster boards used as the base layer.

We Restore All Styles Of Interior Plaster.
Old plaster homes and other homes built before 1970 homes present a unique set of problems. Besides having an attic full of asbestos, the walls and ceilings can lose their original finish over the years and show cracks , old repairs and years worth of paint jobs. Why not consider an interior wall and ceiling restoration instead of installing new drywall. It's faster and less expensive with no asbestos concerns plus you'll maintain the original character of the home.
More about interior wall and ceiling restorations.

Small Repairs And Working Weekends Are Never A Problem.
We schedule estimates, plaster repairs, drywall/sheetrock wall and ceiling repairs including interior
painting seven days a week at a time that's most convenient for you and your busy schedule.
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