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Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repairs has been repairing walls and ceilings in the Greenville area and Upstate for over 20 years. But to be honest, most people usually forget about the wall & ceiling repair contractor they called several years ago when they had a roof leak or the HVAC water pan overflowed. After all, the repair person was only at the home once or twice and was gone in a few hours. While your painter may be called again to change the color of the walls or a plumber or electrician may be called again because plumbing and electrical parts always wear out or break over time, walls and ceilings are usually damaged by accident, bad workmanship when the wall/ceiling was originally built or structural issues like foundation settling or framing damage.

The wall and ceiling repair industry is not your average service industry. Most drywall repairs cost between $200.00 and $400.00 and usually require 1 visit. Because of different materials and dying times plaster repairs average $300.00 to $700.00 and will need up to 5 trips for completion. When the wall or ceiling repair is done correctly and meets fire safety and building codes the wall and ceiling repair contractor never need return.

That's why on the first visit you're always presented with a list of our last 10 customers with city, zip code and phone number. That way you can contact the customer via text or phone so you can find out for yourself how their experience with Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repairs was. All customers who are on the list have given their permission to be placed on the list.

Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repairs believes that contacting past customers yourself is a more realistic process than sorting through pay for placement reviews, reviews by friends and family, pay for play reviews or nationwide corporate generated reviews that are implied to be about the local franchisee or licensee.


Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repairs does not participate in any contractor listing or contractor ranking programs from the numerous nationwide contractor referral websites such as Angie's List, Buildzoom or Home Adviser.

Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repairs is not a franchise or licensing agreement purchased from a nationwide corporate chain such as The Patch Boys or Bros Drywall.

While our final product is of the highest quality our prices are lower because we aren't required to make payments to the contractor listing or contractor referral websites, franchise licensing agencies or contractor lead generation programs.

Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repairs is a local company and was built from the ground up. We depend on customer referrals and reputation rather than leads that are purchased from a third party or paid placement from nationwide contractor referral websites​.

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