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Greenville Wall And Ceiling Repairs Is Looking For
Part-Time Highly Experienced Wall And Ceiling Mechanics.

We are looking for part-time wall and ceiling repair mechanics with a minimum of 30 years experience. This is a perfect position for retired or semi-retired trade workers who understand that plaster repair and drywall repair are different from each other in materials and methods but have the ability to handle both.

You must be fast and clean with minimal sanding required as most work is in occupied homes.

We work all over The Upstate.

Requirements for consideration
are as follows:

Ability to repair drywall wall and ceilings using wood/metal backing and new drywall.

Ability to repair plaster backings such as lath, cement plaster board, screen, etc. with similar materials.

Ability to use 5 minute and 20 minute quick set drywall compounds properly.

Ability to use quick setting 1 day plaster compounds and various additives properly.

Ability to match various wall and ceiling textures such as Popcorn, Crows-Foot, Skip Trowel, etc.

Ability to show up at the scheduled appointment time.

Ability to email, text and verbally communicate openly and effectively.

Ability to paint while matching the existing stipple and blending using customer supplied paint.

Reliable transportation and all necessary tools/equipment needed for the specific repair.

Additional information:

This is not a position where any training or transportation is provided. After your ability's are verified you'll be provided with job details, appointment time, payment details, and customer address via email.

Most of our drywall repairs and texture problems require 1 trip and pay $100.00 to $350.00.

Most plaster repairs require 1-3 visits and pay $150.00 to $450.00.
Payment is made after inspection. You must be willing to return to address any problems before payment is made.

Send a short email outlining your experience to

[email protected]

Just so you know, I do all the things required on a regular basis.
Phone calls or texts will result in your number being blocked, so spend 5 minutes and send me an email.
Please understand that I have to work for a living and don't have the time to answer questions, listen to sad stories or make any exceptions. If you meet all the criteria above I can use you and will contact you.

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