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Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repair
Barter/Trade Payment Policy
Because cash is becoming short in supply we've chosen to institute a payment system in which we'll accept unused items around your home for partial or full payment for many wall and ceiling repairs. Because we've only been doing this for a few months please be understanding.

What We're Open To Trading Wall And Ceiling Repairs For Full Or Partial Payment
​I'm sure this list will grow as time passes but feel free to contact
Stan at 864-326-5752 with any offers.

Musical Instruments/Amps/Etc.
In Working Order
These items will be donated to local school and other non-profit music programs. 

Tools, Electronics And Other
Items In Good Shape
If If we can't use it we'll find another person or non-profit organization who can use it and give it a good home.

Auto Mechanics
And Other Skill Sets
If we can't use what you have to offer I'm sure we can find someone who does.

No Guns, Animals, Vehicles
Or Any Questionable Items

We Have Made
The Following Trades

Three trumpets w/cases, a cello plus $200.00 to remove popcorn texture from a bathroom ceiling and paint the ceiling.

A 24 ft. 1994 Coachmen travel trailer in great condition to remove all the popcorn texture in an 1800 sq. ft. home.

An old guitar, an electronic drum set plus $400.00 to repair/replace a large section of a Living Room ceiling.

A push lawn mower, a guitar w/amp plus $100.00 to replace a falling piece of drywall in a garage.

A fancy juicer/blender and an older JBL PA system w/stands to perform a popcorn textured ceiling repair.

Greenville's Local Drywall Repair & Plaster Repair Contractor For Over 20 Years

All Interior Repairs Are
Guaranteed For 60 Days

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