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Older Drywall Homes With
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Older homes built before 1970 present a unique set of problems. Besides having an attic full of insulation that most likely contains asbestos, the walls and ceilings themselves, which can also contain asbestos can lose their original finish over the years due to settling, framing damage, roof leaks, etc. and show every dent, repair, remodeling project, room addition and paint job from previous owners.

 Drywall Restoration Costs Less
Than Replacing The Old Drywall
This 40 year old home in Maudlin had popcorn textured ceilings that had been painted many times, patches done by handymen and different home owners plus years of settling that caused every joint and nail row to show and several roof leaks that stained the ceilings.

After repairing the existing wall and ceiling damage we're now ready to start applying a smooth finish to the ceilings and walls.

To save money the customer has chosen to paint the interior themselves. We recommended a coat of primer to the entire interior using a long nap roller for better coverage and a finish coat, also with a long nap roller using a quality ceiling paint on the ceilings and quality finish paints for the walls and trim. This 1500 square foot home took 10 days to complete and make "paint-ready".

Wall And Ceiling Restoration
On Older Homes With Drywall
An interior restoration is a less expensive alternative to rebuilding the walls and ceilings in an older home from scratch. If your ceiling has a texture that looks dated and has 40 years of moved light fixtures, repairs and re-paints on it we can make it look great again. We do this using several methods with the most common being scraping and skimming the entire ceiling. Because several paint jobs will make the texture almost impossible to remove we'll scrape the texture to standardize the thickness of the texture then skim the ceiling using standard plastering techniques to bring the ceiling back up to a smooth paintable finish. The same method is also used on older painted popcorn ceilings. This method will not disturb or expose the homes interior to asbestos dust.

Walls are restored in a similar way. We'll repair any damage, empty electrical boxes, etc. following all building and fire safety codes then apply a minimum of two coats of joint compound to all patches, exposed joints, corner moldings, screws, nail holes, angles, etc. bringing the walls up to a smooth paintable finish that will make the home look as good as possible.

Even the materials used in an older homes construction are different from what's available at your local big-box building supply store. While most homes built after 1960 used drywall for the walls and ceilings the majority of homes built before then used cement plaster boards with interior plaster applied or lath and plaster in the original construction.

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