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Weekend Work Is Not A Problem
We schedule estimates, drywall repairs and plaster repairs seven days a week in the Greenville area and Upstate SC.

Local References Provided
On our first visit you'll be provided with a list of local references with phone numbers for our last 10 customers so you can easily verify that we always do what we say.

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We Repair All Ceilings
Including Damaged Popcorn
Most ceiling damage including popcorn can be repaired with only one visit. We use quick setting joint compounds that cure completely in under 30 minutes so multiple coats can be applied to the repair during the same visit. Pricing ranges from $150.00 to $350.00 for most ceiling repairs.

Ugly Popcorn Ceilings
Scraped And Removed
We've done many popcorn ceiling restorations in the Greenville area and all over Upstate SC. We'll protect your home by covering everything affected with plastic sheeting, tarps, etc. After removing the scraped popcorn we'll repair and re-finish the entire ceiling. The end result will be a modern smooth ceiling that looks brand new.
Pricing from $1.00 to $3.50 per square foot.

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40 Years Experience In
Plaster And Drywall
With over 40 years experience in plaster repair and drywall repair there's no wall or ceiling repair we haven't dealt with before. We've repaired everything from a simple doorknob hole or a cracked ceiling to providing full drywall and plaster restorations for older homes.

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We Repair All Types And
Styles Of Plaster
While many Greenville and Upstate SC wall and ceiling contractors want to completely remove the existing plaster or cover the old plaster with drywall we prefer to repair the original plaster. This will maintain the  character and benefits of plaster walls and ceilings in the home.

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Most Wall & Ceiling Textures
Can Be Matched
With over 40 years experience we can match just about every type of wall and ceiling texture. We can match Crows Foot, Stipple and Brush textures including most varieties of machine sprayed textures such as Popcorn, Knock Down and Orange Peel plus most Skip Trowel designs, Southwestern Lace and Santa Fe hand textures.

Stuck On Wallpaper Removed
Do you have wallpaper installed in an area that just can't be removed? Does it peel off in pieces, tear up the drywall or simply refuse to scrape off? We can quickly restore your hard to remove wallpaper or vinyl covered walls to a paint-ready smooth finish. An average size bathroom or kitchen in the Greenville area can be given smooth paint-ready walls in 3 visits or less.

Older Drywall Homes With
Ugly Walls And Ceilings
Older homes built before 1970 present a unique set of problems. Besides having an attic full of insulation that most likely contains asbestos, the walls and ceilings themselves, which can also contain asbestos can lose their original finish over the years due to settling, framing damage, roof leaks, etc. and show every dent, repair, remodeling project, room addition and paint job from previous owners.

All Interior Repairs Are
Guaranteed For 60 Days

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Wall And Ceiling Repairs
Greenville's Most Experienced
Wall & Ceiling Repair Contractor


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