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Permanently Repair
Cracks & Holes In Plaster
I'll never patch the damaged area with something that only hides the damaged plaster. I use modern new materials to rebuild the damaged area so it's good as new. Unlike many handyman or house painters in the Greenville area I won't simply cover your damaged plaster wall or ceiling with some cheap hardware store patch then call it done. I'll completely rebuild the damaged area while insuring the lath, framing and insulation are are secure and free from water damage, mold and meet all building & fire safety codes. 

Large Plaster Repairs Are
Never A Problem
Contact me at 864-326-5752 to schedule an appointment to inspect your interior plaster. With over 40 years experience working with plaster I'll be happy to discuss any plaster problems and offer possible solutions to those problems. Because I use modern quick setting compounds many larger plaster repairs can be completed in hours instead of days.

Replace Old Plaster With Drywall
Or Restore The Plaster
While many contractors want to completely remove the existing plaster or cover the old plaster with drywall, I prefer to restore the original plaster. This will maintain the "character" of the walls and ceilings in the home while saving you quite a bit of money and time. If you're interested in replacing the original plaster with new drywall after extensive demo work I'm not the one to call. 

Plaster may at first appearance be so damaged with so many problems that removal may seem like the only option. But there are many practical reasons for saving it. First of all, plaster is unmatched in strength and durability compared to drywall. It resists fire and reduces sound transmission. Second, replacing plaster with drywall is expensive. Compared to a restoration, the additional cost of debris removal, asbestos removal and the needed building permits with inspections would add tens of thousands of dollars to the cost before the first sheet of drywall is installed. A home owner needs to think very carefully about the condition of the damaged plaster. And remember, to the trained eye plaster is often not as damaged as one may think.

The Main Causes Of
Plaster Damage
Plumbing leaks and roof leaks are the most common causes of plaster damage. Gutters and downspouts can also leak dumping rain water next to the homes foundation causing splash back which can dampen masonry walls. Water can travel through the masonry and damage interior plaster. No matter the the cause of the moisture problem it must be stopped on the home's exterior before any interior plaster repairs should begin as the repairs performed under these circumstances won't last more than a couple years at most.

Cracks in walls can result when a house settles. A home built on clay can be trouble as clay is expansive and will swell during the wet season. In the dry season water evaporates from the clay causing it to shrink. Diagonal cracks running in opposite directions in the walls may suggest that a house may be settling and soil conditions could be at fault. Similar things can occur if there is a nearby source of vibration such as train tracks that see regular service or busy streets.

Horizontal cracks are most often caused by movement of the lath. Because wood lath absorbs moisture from the air it will expand and contract as humidity rises and falls. This can cause cracks to appear or reappear on a regular basis. Nails holding the lath may rust or loosen causing the lath to float freely. Movement in the framing supporting the lath could also cause a crack to appear. Vibration or storage of heavy items in an area above a plaster board or lath ceiling can also cause ceiling cracks.

Mistakes in the original construction such as improper bracing, poor angle construction, improper framing of doors and windows and undersized beams and floor joists will eventually allow vibration or excess weight to transmit through to the plaster surface and cause cracks or other damage.

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