Plaster Repair Is Not Drywall Repair

Local References Are Always Provided
On the first visit you're provided with a list of references with phone numbers so you can verify with our last 10 customers that we always do what is promised.

Smaller Repairs And Weekend Work Is Never A Problem
Drywall repairs, plaster repairs and estimates in the Greenville area for walls and ceilings are scheduled at a time that works around your schedule 7 days a week.

Permanently Repair Damaged Plaster
We repair all styles and types of plaster. It's important to understand that drywall and plaster are completely different materials and that while some contractors may tell you that drywall joint compound with paper or fiberglass tape will work fine for a plaster repair, that's not really true. Drywall materials are soft and brittle while plaster is a hard breathable surface that requires more time to cure.

Even though drywall may be used as a backing base for some smaller plaster repairs that's where the similarity with drywall repair ends. We prepare the surface by using plaster buttons, bonding additives and depending on the size of the repair, fiberglass screening before applying the plaster coats. For larger repairs we check the framing or lath for damage then use traditional lime plaster for the base coat along with veneer, gypsum or lime based finish coats that are designed to perfectly blend with veneers, traditional and horsehair plaster.

We use modern materials designed to specifically repair plaster to rebuild the damaged area so it's as good as new. We'll rebuild the plaster in the damaged area while ensuring the framing or lath are free from damage, mold and water damage ensuring the plaster repair meets all building and fire safety codes. By using modern quick setting plaster compounds and additives many smaller plaster repairs can be completed in a few days instead of weeks. With over 40 years experience working with plaster we'll be happy to discuss any plaster problems and possible solutions to those problems.

You should also know that the plaster repair process is more expensive than drywall. The material cost is more than doubled and the time required to perform some larger plaster repairs can take 3 to 5 times as long when compared to drywall. For smaller repairs we have quick setting gypsum plasters and additives that will cure much more quickly allowing a 2 trip repair process in many cases.

We Offer Painting Services On All Repairs And Restorations
If you have the matching paint we'll paint the repaired area and blend it in so you'll never know the wall or ceiling was damaged. We also offer painting services on all ceiling restorations we perform. We prefer to use the quality paints from Sherwin-Williams but will apply any brand of paint the customer chooses.

Drywall Over The Old Plaster Or Restore The Plaster
While many contractors will tell you that your only choice is to cover the old plaster with a layer of drywall you should know that it's not the only option. You may want to consider having the existing plaster walls and ceilings restored. Plaster restoration will not only maintain the character of the walls and ceilings it will also save you time and money. The baseboards and other trim work will not need to be removed plus the electrical boxes will not need to be adjusted.

Plaster may at first appearance look extremely damaged with so many problems that covering it up may seem like the only option. But there are practical reasons for restoring it. Plaster is unmatched in strength and durability compared to drywall because it resists fire and reduces sound transmission.

We've Expanded Our Service Areas To Include
Spartanburg And Anderson
We now perform repairs and restorations in limited areas of Spartanburg and Anderson counties.
Average Cost For Plaster Repair
Because materials and drying times are different from those needed for a drywall repair most plaster repairs average $200.00 to $500.00 and will need up to 4 trips for completion.

Concerned About Asbestos In Your Plaster
For a fast and accurate testing of your plaster contact Southeastern Environmental Microbiology Laboratories at
864-233-3770. They are located close to McAlister Square at 102 Edinburgh Court, Greenville, SC 29607.

Amazon and other on-line retailers have DIY asbestos testing kits but Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repair has no information or recommendations concerning these products.

Karen K. - Greenville 29609
We were glad to find a local company that can repair plaster walls and ceilings. Stan provided a prompt quote, service, and followed up to make sure the job was done satisfactorily. Each part of the multi-step process was explained to us. They arrived on time, and worked steadily and quickly. We were satisfied with the communication from quote to final visit.

Michael W. – Greenville 29601
On time, professional and they cleaned up every day before leaving. We've recently closed on a 100+ year old 5BR-2BA house in downtown Greenville. Greenville Walls & Ceilings spent nearly 3 weeks turning the old plaster walls & brush textured ceilings into beautiful smooth surfaces that looked and felt wonderful. We couldn’t be happier.
Picture of plaster being repaired
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