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Popcorn Ceiling Repair
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Popcorn Ceilings Repaired
Most ceiling damage including popcorn can be repaired with only one visit. We use quick setting joint compounds that cure completely in under 30 minutes so multiple coats can be applied to the repair during the same visit. Pricing from $150.00 to $350.00 for most standard ceiling repairs.

Restore Your Old & Ugly Popcorn Ceilings To Good As New Condition
If you're interested in removing the popcorn texture from your ceilings it's important that you know that one of the messiest jobs that can be done in a home is removing the popcorn texture from the ceilings. Popcorn ceilings can't be cleaned and any damage will eventually flake, crumble and deteriorate a bit everyday as time passes. You should also know that we'll work hard on every visit to leave your home as clean as possible should you decide to use us to remove your popcorn ceiling texture.

We'll prep your home by covering the affected walls, flooring, furniture and ceiling fixtures from floor to ceiling with plastic sheeting. tarps, etc. The popcorn ceiling texture is then sprayed with a water/soap mixture then scraped from the drywall leaving a clean surface. After removing the scraped popcorn we'll repair any minor damage the popcorn texture originally covered up, replace any moldy drywall and insulation then re-finish the entire ceiling. The end result will be a modern smooth ceiling that looks brand new.

What makes us different from the others when restoring a popcorn ceiling? I've performed over 150 ceiling restorations of all sizes since I've been in the Greenville area and have developed techniques and methods that take into account many factors that other contractors fail to address. For example, the method for removing popcorn ceiling texture that's been painted is completely different from removing unpainted popcorn ceiling texture. While some contractors may tell you that the only thing they can do is install new drywall over an existing textured ceiling that's been painted we'll always present you with options. We'll address issues such as how old is the framing of the home, can the ceiling safely support another 500 to1000 pounds of new drywall without any structural issues, will the crown molding need to be replaced, and what about adjusting the fixtures in the ceiling such as lights, fans, vents, etc. Plus we'll always guarantee the work to be of the highest quality.

How long does it take to restore and paint a popcorn ceiling?
The time to restore a popcorn ceiling could take as little as a couple days for a standard sized bathroom to as long as a couple weeks for a larger home with tall ceilings. The main reason for the time variations are due to the drying time required for the materials to cure properly. 

Is there a mess from restoring
a popcorn ceiling?
A popcorn ceiling restoration is the messiest and dirtiest remodeling project you can do to a home. But we'll work hard to keep your home as clean as possible. You should also know that the deconstruction and reconstruction of a popcorn textured ceiling is a real construction project that will create hundreds pounds of debris and dust from the popcorn removal scraping and sanding.

What's the cost for restoring
a popcorn ceiling?
The cost varies from as low as $1.00 per square foot to as much as $3.50 per square foot. Things such as the height of the ceilings, have the ceilings been painted, is there furniture in the work area, will the walls be painted, will the flooring be replaced, etc. have to be addressed.

Can we paint the restored ceiling?
Yes. If requested I'll provide an estimate that includes painting. Just remember that we never take short cuts. We'll always caulk where needed, use top quality primers and sealers and prefer to use top quality Sherwin Williams paints for the final finish paint. Please remember that quality work always takes time.

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