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Small Repairs & Weekend Work
Is Never A Problem
Wall and ceiling repairs including estimates in the Greenville area are scheduled at a time that works best for you seven days a week.

Damaged Popcorn Ceilings
Can Be Repaired
Most popcorn ceiling damage can be repaired with only one visit. Using quick setting joint compounds that cure completely in under 30 minutes, multiple coats can be applied to the ceiling repair during the same visit.

Cost For Scraping & Restoring
A Popcorn Ceiling
For an entire house the cost varies from as low as $1.00 per square foot to as much as $7.00 per square foot. Things such as ceiling damage, ceiling area, ceiling height, ceiling fixtures, are the ceilings painted, furniture in the work area, will the walls be painted, will the flooring be replaced, etc. will need to be addressed before any solutions can be discussed.

A Popcorn Ceiling
Restoration Is Dirty
Even though we cover walls and floors in plastic sheeting to keep clean-up to a minimum a popcorn ceiling restoration is the messiest remodel project you can do to a home. It's important to know that the deconstruction and reconstruction of a popcorn textured ceiling is a real construction project that will create hundreds pounds of debris and dust from the popcorn removal.

Experience Does Matter​
With over 150 ceiling restorations of all sizes in the Greenville area I've developed techniques and methods that take into account many factors that other contractors fail to address. For example, the method for removing popcorn ceiling texture that's been painted is completely different from removing unpainted popcorn ceiling texture. While some contractors may tell you that the only thing they can do is install new drywall over an existing textured ceiling that's been painted I'll always present you with options. I address issues such as how old is the framing of the home, can the ceiling safely support another 500 to 1000 pounds of new drywall without any structural issues, will the crown molding and baseboard need to be replaced and what about adjusting the fixtures in the ceiling such as lights, fans, etc.

Flo R. – Taylors 29687
I highly recommend Greenville Wall And Ceiling Repairs. We used them twice in the last 3 years. Both times they repaired damaged ceilings and walls which were damaged from water pipes breaking. They were on time and very neat. Cleaned up everything. Very good price. The walls and ceilings look great!

Carol K. – Greer 29650
We had water damage on a popcorn bedroom ceiling. Stan gave us a reasonable quote, and said the work would take half a day. In about a half-hour, we were told we wouldn't be charged the original amount, just the minimum, and the work took only about an hour. Though we were warned the color might not match, the damaged part of the ceiling is now totally invisible.

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All Interior Repairs Are
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Wall And Ceiling Repairs