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Greenville Wall & Ceiling Repairs From An Experienced
Drywall Repair Contractor

We Wear Masks And Use Hand Sanitizer For Your Protection
Due to COVID-19 we've made several changes to our repair protocols.
Our COVID-19 Protocols

Our Service Areas Now Include
Spartanburg And Anderson
We now perform repairs and restorations in limited areas of Spartanburg and Anderson counties.

Small Repairs & Weekend Work
Is Never A Problem
Wall and ceiling repairs including estimates in the Greenville area are scheduled at a time that works best for you seven days a week.

Local References
Are Always Provided
On the first visit you'll be provided with a list of references with phone numbers so you can easily verify with our last 10 customers that we'll always do what is promised.

Permanently Repair
Damaged Drywall
We'll never simply patch a hole with something that only hides the damage. We always use new materials to rebuild the entire damaged area plus ensure the framing and insulation are free from water damage, mold, etc. and guarantee the finished repair to meet all building and fire safety codes.

Average Cost For Drywall Repair
Most basic wall and ceiling repair including popcorn ceiling repairs cost between $150.00 and $400.00 and usually require only 1 visit. We use modern quick setting joint compounds that cure completely in under 30 minutes so multiple coats can be applied to the repair during the same visit.

We Offer Painting Services On All Repairs And Restorations
If you have the matching paint we'll paint the repaired area and blend it in so you'll never know the wall or ceiling was damaged. We also offer painting services on all ceiling restorations we perform. We prefer to use the quality paints from Sherwin-Williams but will apply any brand of paint the customer chooses.

There's No Wall Or Ceiling
Problem We Haven't Seen
With over 40 years experience in plaster repair and drywall repair there's no wall or ceiling problem that hasn't been dealt with before. We've repaired everything from doorknob holes in drywall to cracked plaster ceilings to performing full interior restorations on drywall and plaster in older homes.

Most Wall & Ceiling Textures
Can Be Matched
With over 40 years experience we can match just about every type of wall and ceiling texture used in the Upstate. We match Crows Foot, Stipple and Brush textures including most varieties of machine sprayed textures such as Popcorn, Knock Down, Orange Peel plus Skip Trowel hand textures.

We Have A Barter /Trade
Payment Option
Available If You're Low On Cash
We have a payment system in which we'll accept unused items from around your home for partial or full payment.
More About Trading Payment

Concerned About Asbestos In Your Walls And Ceilings
For a fast and accurate asbestos testing of your walls and ceilings contact Southeastern Environmental Microbiology Laboratories at
864-233-3770. They are conveniently located by McAlister Square at 102 Edinburgh Court, Greenville 29607.
Amazon and other on-line retailers have DIY asbestos testing kits but we have no information or recommendations concerning these products.

Flo R. – Taylors 29687
I highly recommend Greenville Wall And Ceiling Repairs. We used them twice in the last 3 years. Both times they repaired damaged ceilings and walls which were damaged from water pipes breaking. They were on time and very neat. Cleaned up everything. Very good price. The walls and ceilings look great!

Carol K. – Greer 29650
We had water damage on a popcorn bedroom ceiling. Stan gave us a reasonable quote, and said the work would take half a day. In about a half-hour, we were told we wouldn't be charged the original amount, just the minimum, and the work took only about an hour. Though we were warned the color might not match, the damaged part of the ceiling is now totally invisible.

Donna F. – Greenville 29605
Although my husband and I are willing to tackle near any type of home repair - we know enough to leave drywall work to the professionals. Stan Copeland was extremely professional from the Sunday evening call for to schedule an estimate through the final inspection of his work. His estimates were competitive... he arrived when he said he would, did exactly what we agreed to and completed the job on time. We will definitely call Stan at Greenville Wall And Ceiling Repairs when we need drywall work done right. Thank you Stan!

Greenville's Local Drywall Repair & Plaster Repair Contractor For Over 20 Years

All Interior Repairs Are
Guaranteed For 60 Days

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Wall And Ceiling Repairs